West Bengal Hazard Mapping : Heat Wave

While some blame the global warming, others find it God's curse. Nevertheless, heatwave is taking its toll across the West Bengal and is set to break all records. Regional Meteorological department hasn't predicted any rains in next couple of days. Coupled with frequent power cuts, the situation doesn't guaratee any relief.
The Himalayas, one of the world’s richest biodiversity zones is warming faster than other parts of the globe. In West Bengal, the Sunderbans area has been hit hard by heatwaves. The rise in temperature in the forest region is harmful for the flora and the fauna. One may experience rapid climate and associated changes in various eco-regions. It will affect wildlife in Sunderbans and Gorumara forest. Much of the recent discussions on climate change in the Himalayas have been dominated by the extent of glacial melting. But there are other reasons as well.


Picture of HeatWave Prone Areas of India HeatWave Prone Areas of India