West Bengal Hazard Mapping : Flood

Flooding becomes a major hazard to life and property only when people live on the floodplain. Flood hazard maps show a flood boundary based on different magnitudes of flood with specific return periods. These maps can be used to regulate developmental activities within the floodplain, so that damages can be minimized. Some of the data required for hazard mapping is difficult to obtain from ground measurements and time consuming; in such cases remote sensing plays an important role.
Satellites provide synoptic and frequent coverage of flood affected areas and thus become valuable for monitoring flood disaster. Thus satellite data can be directly used for deriving the flood inundation limits. If satellite data sets during flood times are available over a period of time for a floodplain, they can be conveniently used for hazard zone mapping.

Flood Map of Gangetic West Bengal


Picture of Flood Hazard Map
Picture of Villege level Flood Hazard Map

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