Cyclone Shelters

Scheme - PMNRF

50 Multipurpose Cyclone Shelter (MPCS) to be constructed under National Disaster Management Authority (NMDA). These shelters will be constructed in three districts.

Name of District No of Centers
North 24 Parganas 20
South 24 Parganas 15
East Midnapur 15

Two Central Governments Under Takings were assigned the works.

  1. EPLL (Engineering Project India Limited) for 35 Centers in North 24 Parganas and East Midnapur. List for North 24 Parganas & East Medinipur nof MPCS under EPLL is available. Atpukur (Minakhan Block) in North 24 Parganas is ready for hand over,DM North 24 Parganas is informed for taking n/a.
  2. HSCL (Hindusthan Steel Works Construction Limited) for 15 Centers in South 24 Parganas. List of South 24 Parganas (under) HSCL in available. HSCL has completed 12 centers and handed over to DM, South 24 Parganas. Rest 3 centers will be hand over in December 2013.


Total Cost for 50 Centers - Rs. 138.65 crores
Total Cost for 15 Centers under HSCL is Rs. 48.09 crores
Total Cost for 35 Centers under EPLL is Rs. 90.56 crores

A meeting held on 28.1.2013 in the chamber of Principal Secretary, Disaster Management Department with representative from HSCL & EPLL. In this meeting EPLL assures that they will complete maximum-No. of sites within March 2014.

In the three coastal districts of West Bengal i.e. South 24-Pgs.,North 24-Pgs. and Purba Mdinipur 150 Nos. of Multipurpose Cyclone Shelters are proposed to br constructed under the schemr NCRMP with world bank aided fund and State Fund (25%). Initially a Central Government undertaking,Hindusthan Steel Works Construction Limited were assigned for the preparation of D.P.R with Investment Proposal ,but they were discontinued in the midway.CRZ clearance, Environment Impact Assesment and social screening were obtained for all the 150 sites.However during approval of the model D.P.R prepared by H.S.C.L, the World Bank suggested some changes in the D.P.R. Accordingly arrangement was made to prepare fresh D.P.R by Jadavpur University. For preparation of fresh D.P.R assesment of availabilities of sites for the proposed construction was made, it was found that some of the sites have been changed and some new sites were identified for the scheme.As per nallist of sites prepared by the district authorities it is found only 69 No. of sites are common with original list and 81 sites are new. Inthe revised list of sites soil testing works were done only for 16 sites.Jadavpur University has prepared preliminary drawing and design of six types of cyclone shelter which were approved by this department but could not be finalized as the sites have not been finalized yet.

Action to be taken up before finalization of the scheme

  1. Selection of sites (approval).
  2. CRZ clearence for the new sites.
  3. Environmental Impact Assesment and Social screening for the new sites.
  4. Total station Survey, soil investigation for the sites.
  5. Preparation of D.P.R. , investment proposal.
  6. Finalization of the modalities for execution of the project.