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West Bengal is among the country’s most disaster prone area due to its geo-climatic conditions and large population. Floods, cyclones, earthquakes, landslides, avalanches, droughts, tsunami etc. are major natural disasters causing huge loss to life and property and adverse impact on economy and development. A need has always been felt to create a platform where all available information on disaster is compiled to be used for its effective management. The SAARC Disaster Management Centre has developed the concept of India Disaster Knowledge Network (IDKN), a web GIS based portal within South Asian Disaster Knowledge Network (SADKN) that provides a wide spectrum of resources, knowledge and services.
The traditional perception relating to the management and mitigation of natural disasters has been limited to the idea of “calamity relief,” which is seen essentially as a non-plan item of expenditure. However, the impact of major disasters cannot be mitigated by the provision of immediate relief alone, which is the primary focus of calamity relief efforts. Disasters can have devastating effects on the economy; they cause huge human and economic losses, and can significantly set back development efforts of a region or a State. With the kind of economic losses and developmental setbacks that the country has been suffering year after year, the development process needs to be sensitive towards disaster prevention and mitigation aspects. There is thus a need to look at disasters from a development perspective as well.

What is Disaster Knowledge Network?
Disaster Knowledge Network offers a broad array of resources and services, such as knowledge collaboration, Networking, Maps, Emergency contact information system and several other valuable information related to Natural disasters. IDKN is an essential tool to share information for Managing disasters.

Missions & Goals
Main Goal of Disaster Management Network is to create an easy to use unified point of access to Disaster Management Knowledge and Services and hence an accelerated and Improved quality of Disaster Mitigation and Response.Its main aims are:
  • Provide consolidated source of disaster-related information and services. Information include the definition of different hazards its Geographic distribution, Vulnerability of India (state level), Preparedness and Mitigation measures etc.
  • Minimize loss of life and property by creating awareness at all levels
  • Provide a platform to share knowledge and create an environment to learn about disaster management through interactive process.
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