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Department of Disaster Management, Govt. of West Bengal plays a cardinal role in disaster mitigation and preparedness program. The main objectives of this program are:-
  • To facilitate planning, preparedness, operational, coordination and community
  • participation in disaster management and mitigation.
  • Ensuring that community is the most important stakeholder in the DM process.
  • Encouraging mitigation measures based on state-of-the-art technology and environmentalsustainability.
  • Putting in place a streamlined and institutional techno-legal framework for the creation ofan enabling regulatory environment and a compliance regime.
  • Developing contemporary forecasting and early warning systems backed by responsiveand fail-safe communications and Information Technology (IT) support.
  • Promoting a productive partnership with the media to create awareness and contributingtowards capacity development.
  • Ensuring efficient response and relief with a caring approach towards the needs of thevulnerable sections of the society.
  • Undertaking reconstruction as an opportunity to build disaster resilient structures andhabitat.
  • Undertaking recovery to bring back the community to a better and safer level than thepre-disaster stage.

Department of Disaster Management, Government of West Bengal has been entrusted with the construction, operation and maintenance of the proposed Multi-Purpose Cyclone Shelters (MPCS) as envisaged in the ICZM Project. The estimated cost of the project is 32 crores. Department of Disaster Management has been assigned this project component because it plays a pioneering role in establishing necessary systems, structures, programs, resources, capabilities for reducing disaster risks in the State in order to save human lives and property, avoid disruption of economic activity and damage to environment and also to ensure the continuity and sustainability of development.

Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction—[CMDRR]
CMDDRR is system whereby a community systematically manages its disaster risk reduction measures towards becoming a safer and resilient community. These people may live in one geographical area, exposed to a common hazards due to their location. They may have a common experience responding to hazards and disasters. However, they may have different perceptions of, and exposure to, risk. Groups within the locality will have a stake in risk reduction measures . The concept of CMDRR has been taken up by WBVHA, A & N Islands unit with the support of Cordaid, Netherlands along with 9 other partner organizations in India. The project phase id from May 20101 to April 2012.

The Goal
  • 54 families whose land got affected by salt water will have improved production by 40% from agricultural production by providing training program on land and agricultural development
  • 150 families will have increased income from Rs 2000 to 3000/- per month in the end of third year
  • Training on the formation of Self Help Group
  • Training on the formation of Self Help gement
  • Interface between groups and institutions.
  • Training on Vermi Compost
  • Training on Livestock Management
  • Training on enterprise development
  • The most marginalized communities of the 18 villages will their basic needs of water, shelter, food, sanitation
  • Training on Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Training of trainers on school safety and impact of climate change
  • At least 80% of the most marginalize people will receive their entitlement before, during and after emergency.
  • Street play on various schemes like widow pension, pension for the aged and handicap person.
  • Initiative will be taken by all the seven Panchayat in order to reduce the risk of disaster through strengthening PRI and people’s organization for advocacy & lobbying.
  • Training of PRI on leadership and motivation.
  • The staff of WBVHA will have enhanced knowledge & will better contribute towards reducing the risk
  • Training of the community mobilization, facilitation of skills and on the group management
  • Exposure visit to successful project areas at the mainland.
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